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Best Quality Spray Dried Banana Juice Powder
Oct 09, 2016

Best Quality Spray Dried Banana Juice Powder

Food Value 

Bananas are rich in starch useful fruits, (therefore not eat, easy fat) from the TCM perspective, bananas, sweet and cold, can be heat Runchang, promote gastrointestinal motility, but the spleen diarrhea who did not. There is always a reasonable explanation, the banana cold according to the principle of hot cold ", the most suitable for those who enjoy hot. Hemorrhoids bleeding, because of heat due to fetal irritability, can be eaten raw banana meat. However, because of the banana cold, the physique to the cold, best avoided. For example stomach (koudan bloating, diarrhea (cold) easy, halo), nephritis (also is cold), pregnancy swollen feet, it is best not to eat bananas. Unless the banana meat after cooking, cold abated before eating. As for the cold cough should not eat bananas, but will eat banana steamed, are acceptable. Folkremedy more bananas stewed with rock sugar, treatment of chronic cough; Banana cooking wine, as a diet. Modern medical advice, with banana can cure hypertension, because of its rich content of potassium, sodium can balance the adverse effects, and promote cell and tissue growth. With the banana can treat constipation, because it can promote gastrointestinal motility. The most interesting thing is, German researchers said, with banana can cure depression and emotional upset, because it can promote the secretion of the brain endorphins chemicals. In short, hot body can be a banana a day, but as the fear of the banana cold can be cooked banana pulp. 

Medicinal Value 

Banana is sweet and cold, with high medicinal value. The main function is to clear the stomach. The treatment of constipation, and heat lungs, only polydipsia, in essence, the detoxification effect. Because the banana cold, so the spleen and stomach, stomach pain, diarrhea should eat, hyperacidity is best not to eat. 

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